Training Topics

Our customized trainings cover a wide-ranging span of topics, including those related to leadership, management, sales/fundraising, marketing and personal growth.

Below is a sample list of successful sessions from the past, though we are happy to add and customize topics that will best meet your objectives.

That’s our job, after all.

  • Tough Truths: The Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About
  • How to Be a Good Bad Guy: The Keys to Staff Supervision
  • Busting the Mission Myth: How to Build a Better Nonprofit Business
  • 5 Tips to Engage Anybody at Anytime
  • How to Be An Excellent Ambassador for Your Organization
  • Above the Rest: The Secrets to Effectively Market Your Organization
  • The Art of Fundraising, the Science of Sales
  • Get the Money in the Door: How to Conquer the Close
  • Write Right: Creating an Elevator Pitch that Sells
  • Speak Up Like You Mean It: The Steps to Effective Public Speaking
  • Bogus Balance: How to Really Achieve Work-Life Bliss
  • The Great Paradox: The Board and its Fundraising Role
  • 5 Keys to Building a Better Board
  • Cracking the Media Code: What the PR Experts Know
  • Big Mean Leader: How to Survive–and Enjoy–the Loneliest Job Ever
  • Stand Out: Creating and Embracing Your Personal Brand
  • Get the Life You Want: Creating a Road Map for Your Future
  • Get Your Power Back: the 5 Surprising Steps to Getting a Life…for Real!

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“Deirdre is awesome!  Great topics were covered.  Wish the class could have been longer to cover more information.”
– Training Participant