Sparkplug Project

We are so pleased to launch our newest program: Sparkplug Project!

Sparkplug Project is all about igniting positive change for anyone who is dissatisfied with a part of their life, stuck, in transition or simply wants to work on intentionally finding ways to make their lives even better.

There is one simple goal: ignite the ideas, motivation and excitement that will lead to better things. Like a life you look forward to each morning. A life you feel satisfied with at the end of the day. A life that energizes you.

We do it through honest assessments, creative discovery of new opportunities, thoughtful planning, and addressing the barriers that might be getting in the way.

There are two components of Sparkplug Project: a coaching program serving individuals and groups, and a 2.5 day boot camp experience in the mountains.

Because this program focuses on working on life as a whole (instead of focusing more on professional areas, as many of our other programs do) we have created a special website for Sparkplug Project, which can be found here.

We invite you to explore our newest programs for yourself!