Meeting Your Needs

Whether a for-profit, non-profit or association, your organization has big goals and big plans, and your staff and/or board teams make or break whether or not they’re achieved.

They also determine the general culture, morale and energy that impacts your business every single day.

Like it or not, nobody will know how to do everything perfectly. That’s why we provide a wide ranging set of leadership and communications trainings designed to strengthen skills and energy around the topics your business needs most.

We begin with our list of successful trainings related to leadership, fundraising/sales, marketing, and personal growth. We then customize our sessions based on your specific objectives and the people at the table.

Deirdre Maloney brings her nationally known brand of “mild audacity” to every training, combining instruction, anecdotes, concrete tips and the chance to share. Each one also includes the opportunity for individuals to make their own plans and commitments for growth based on the lessons learned.

The results? New skills and energy from your group – and new success for you company.

Contact us now to begin building an ideal training program for your organization.


“You have a tremendous amount of energy, and your information is more than just theory, but can actually be implemented with specific results.  It was also very inspiring, as I walked away thinking ‘okay, so this is how we can succeed’.”
– Training Participant