Work/Life Satisfaction

There’s no doubt about it  – most of us have a lot going on. There are work tasks to complete and professional goals to fulfill. There are families to connect with and friendships to maintain. There are bills to do and errands to run. And, maybe at some point, there’s that self-care we need to get done.

It all may leave you and your group feeling stressed. Overwhelmed. You may wonder why work/life balance is so elusive to you.

Take heart. The problem isn’t that you can’t achieve work/life balance. It’s that nobody can. The good news is that REAL balance – and the satisfaction that comes with it – are possible. For you. For your employees. For your clients and customers. For your friends and loved ones.

Our work/life satisfaction session gets to the heart of the problems surrounding work-life balance, then uses concrete concepts and tips to help participants reflect on their own balance issues, share lessons learned, and plan for a more satisfying life.

We believe in the importance of this topic so much – and we find that people appreciate it so greatly – that we’re giving it its own section on our site. In fact, Deirdre is such a proponent of the “Bogus Balance” concept that she wrote one of her books about it.

Our session on work/life satisfaction is customized to your group and its needs, lasting from a short hour to a full day.

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