Why Deirdre?

She Says What Others Won’t

The reason that Deirdre’s presentations are so effective is because she uses her brand of “mild audacity” to say things others won’t – about what it really means to be a leader, about the realities facing every organization, about the fact that there is hope…that it’s possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, to sleep soundly at night, to find greater meaning in your work and life, to be happier.

Deirdre’s experiences in the field combined with her natural, engaging and entertaining style gets people to listen…which leads to change.

And that’s when everybody wins.

She Creates An Interactive Experience

Deirdre doesn’t just give a speech to her participants. She creates an experience for them.

Her number one value is authenticity, which means she gives it to you straight – with bold statements, relatable stories and an engaging style. Audience members often refer to Deirdre’s sessions as “refreshingly direct.”

Participants walk away from Deirdre’s presentations thinking differently about their world, what they can achieve in it and how – exactly – they can get started.

While Deirdre doesn’t take herself too seriously, she holds her work in the highest regard. She will work with you to clearly define the goal of the session and will provide a preliminary outline well beforehand to ensure an excellent, effective presentation that meets those goals.

She Provides An Opportunity for Participants to Plan

Deirdre understands that it takes more than an inspiring presentation and bold message to actually achieve results. That’s why she offers interactive discussions, assessments and planning components as part of her trainings and facilitated discussions.

They ensure that participants don’t just enjoy the presentation, but that they go back to the office and their lives with their own strategies to put the lessons they’ve learned into practice the very next day.

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“One of the best sessions I’ve ever been to at a conference – I didn’t want it to end.”
– Conference Participant