Sample Topic List

Deirdre takes great pride in using both her organizational and speaking experience – not to mention some painful lessons learned from past mistakes – to help others achieve excellence.

She’s presented on a wide variety of leadership, team, communication and work/life topics, both virtually and in-person around the country. Sessions are provided within corporate and organizational settings, as well through workshops and keynotes at conferences and events.

While the list of potential topics is endless, you can find a sample list below, starting with a few options specific to new needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sample Topics: Arising Needs Due to Pandemic

  • Careful Communication: How to Avoid the Biggest Online Communication Mistakes
  • Mindfulness: Reducing Stress, Creating Calm in the Midst of Everyday Chaos
  • Online Clashes: How to Manage Conflict Resolution from Afar
  • Managing Up: How to Stay Connected and Useful to Your Boss from a Distance
  • The Introvert/Extrovert Paradox: How to Meet Your Team’s Diverse Needs at a Distance
  • Remote Uncontrolled: Avoiding the Biggest Work-from-Home Pitfalls
  • EQ vs. Productivity: How to Provide Emotional Support While Ensuring the Job Gets Done
  • The Motivation/Discipline Balance: How to Effectively Supervise from Afar
  • From Workplace to Homeplace: How to Get the Best from your Team (And yourself!)
  • Self-What???: How to Manage Your Own Needs While Managing the Needs of Your Team

Sample Topics: Anytime!

  • 5 Tips to Engage Anybody at Anytime
  • Communication Conquered: Better Understanding, Better Connections
  • DISC: Creating Better Team Dynamics…a Better Life Back at the Office!
  • Mindfulness: Reducing Stress, Creating Calm in the Midst of Everyday Chaos
  • Tough Truths: The Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About
  • Tough Truths: Nonprofit Leadership Edition
  • Tough Truths: The Happiness Lessons We Don’t Talk About
  • Speak Up Like You Mean It: The Steps to Effective Public Speaking
  • Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/Life Satisfaction
  • How to Be a Good Bad Guy: The Keys to Staff Supervision
  • Tremendous Teams: Enhancing Trust, Communication and Cohesion
  • Superb Sales: How to Boost Individual and Corporate Support
  • Marketing Matters: The Secrets to Effectively Market Your Organization
  • Stand Out: Creating and Embracing Your Personal Brand
  • How to Be An Excellent Ambassador for Your Organization
  • Busting the Mission Myth: How to Build a Better Nonprofit Business
  • The Board Bible: The Ten Commandments of Effective Board Governance
  • The Art of Fundraising, the Science of Sales
  • Get the Money in the Door: How to Conquer the Close
  • Consulting: The Good, The Bad, The AWESOME
  • Get the Life You Want: Creating a Road Map for Your Future
  • Get Your Power Back: the 5 Surprising Steps to Getting a Life…for Real!
  • The Great Paradox: The Board and its Fundraising Role
  • 5 Keys to Building a Better Board
  • Big Mean Leader: How to Survive–and Enjoy–the Loneliest Job Ever

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“You were amazing! My only regret was that we did not keep you up there longer – lots of energy and excitement after you left. Not everyone says it like you do.”
– Conference Coordinator