DISC & Communication Styles

While we believe all of our trainings motivate positive change, greater satisfaction and enhanced success, we also know that the greatest impact happens when participants are able to assess their own behavioral and communication styles, then use the information to better work with (and live with!) others.

We offer two assessment options: DISC and Communication Styles.

DISC Behavioral Styles

DISC is our most impactful assessment training. Using a highly-researched assessment tool that’s been evolving since the 1940s, DISC is extremely effective in helping people better understand their own behavioral style and the style of others.

Participants complete their assessments before the training, then receive their individualized profiles at the start of the session. They then engage in energizing (and fun!) exercises that bring about new understandings of the challenges facing every team…and how to address them.

There’s also time for participants to plan how they can use their new information to make things better back at the office.

We currently offer three DISC training options:

  • Workplace DISC: A half-day session that allows anyone on your team to reflect on their own strengths and blind spots, and plan on how to work better with others. This training can be combined with the sessions below, as well as other trainings, or carefully facilitated discussion topics related to specific team needs and objectives.
  • Manager-to-Leader: A full-day session that combines Workplace DISC with additional training components designed to enhance the skills of current (and potential) managers. Training topics include delegation, motivation, developing others, managing up, and how to have the hard conversation.
  • Adept Leader: A full-day session that combines Workplace DISC with additional training components designed to help leaders enhance their ability to lead their team from any vision/idea, through to alignment, and to successful execution.

Click here for a few more details about and a bit of history on DISC.

Communication Styles

For those who want to engage in an assessment training but don’t want to go as in-depth as DISC, we also offer a meaningful and fun Communication Styles Assessment Training.

This training includes a brief assessment taken at the start of the session. After learning and understanding their styles, participants engage in thoughtful dialogue, increasing their understanding of their strengths and blind spots, and learning how they can adapt to others for enhanced communication.

The Communication Styles Assessment can be combined with our other trainings, and can also be used, in its briefest form, as an icebreaker at the start of a facilitation.

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