Bogus Balance Experience

There’s a blissful opportunity afoot…

It’s a one-day workshop designed to change your life. It’s a day filled with energizing presentations, provocative stories, and the chance to figure out just what will make you balanced – and happy – for real.

Why you need to be there…

There’s no doubt you’ve got a lot going on. You might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed, like you can never get ahead. You might wonder why work/life balance is so elusive to you.

Take heart. The problem isn’t that you can’t attain work/life balance.

It’s that nobody can.

It turns out that our notion of work/life balance is not only unattainable, but also makes us miserable. All of the energy we give to having it all is going toward the impossible, setting us up for disappointment.

But there’s hope. And it’s waiting for you.

The good news…

Bliss is possible!

At the Bogus Balance Experience you’ll find this out for yourself. Instead of trying to achieve it all, Deirdre will help you learn to achieve your all. You’ll experience true stories from those on their own paths to bliss. You’ll learn from those around you. Most importantly, you’ll use the interactive exercises to identify what will truly make you happy…and how you can get there.

Details on our next Bogus Balance Experience session are coming soon. In the meantime, if you have a question about the event or would like the Bogus Balance Experience to come to your city, click here to let us know!