Trainings & Workshops

Deirdre’s virtual and in-person workshops, trainings and keynotes get audiences motivated…and taking action.

When Deirdre designs and presents her interactive sessions, she does it knowing that the workplace – whether a corporation, nonprofit, or association – can be challenging. Sometimes downright messy. She also knows that personal obstacles like low morale, working remotely and ever-depleting energy can make both effectiveness and happiness extremely difficult to achieve.

Deirdre uses provocative thinking and interactive discussions to help audiences tackle it all. She offers a wide range of topics related to leadership, communication, kick-butt teams and that ever-elusive work/life balance (which doesn’t exist, by the way).

All of Deirdre’s trainings combine critical lessons, the opportunity to share and plan, and concrete tips that can be put to use immediately.

Want a sample? Check out Deirdre’s speaking clip and get a sense of what her “mild audacity” brand is all about. You can also learn why choosing Deirdre is your best choice for optimal results!

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“I absolutely loved both your keynote and “Get Your Power Back” presentations. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel completely out of control in life and work; your presentations gave me a new energy and feeling of empowerment.”
– Conference Participant