What We Facilitate

We facilitate sessions of all lengths, topics and audiences, both virtually and in person. Our facilitations include a diverse array of topics and dynamics.

Each prepare and execute each facilitated discussion with exquisite care. We know it takes a thoughtful process to ensure the dialogue ends with a meaningful outcome for the organization and for those who work for it.

While we are happy to discuss any facilitation needs, we often work within three categories: strategic and business planning, problem-solving and team building.

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Strategic and Business Planning

Planning is critical to any organization, and we take it seriously.

While planning feels like an easier topic to tackle, one that shouldn’t get too personal, that’s not always the case. Your group members won’t always agree on where your organization is going, nor the best way to get there. In fact, their diverse histories, perspectives and passions – all good things – will almost always make sure of it.

The important thing is that everyone has a say in the discussion, and that the group makes meaningful decisions that include a clear path forward. We are there to guide the process and make sure that happens.

You final plan will include the big picture of what you want to achieve and a set of strategies to get you there. We’ll also discuss the outcome measures, point people and time frames involved along the way.

Need to get some feedback from internal or external people before the session? We’ll partner with you on that as well.


There may be a time when there’s a challenging dynamic or topic among or between groups that creates an uncomfortable environment, and also keeps the work from moving forward in a productive and energizing way.

Having clear, direct conversations about these issues is not fun, but it is critical to the organization…not to mention overall satisfaction in the workplace.

As an outside facilitator we come in with an objective eye, having gained a clear understanding of the situation and dynamics beforehand, and guiding the delicate conversation to a productive end.

We’ve worked with countless groups and we know this kind of dialogue is extremely tricky. Which is why we take it so seriously, and why we commit to being there with you every step of the way.

Team Building

We all know that teams – whether a staff, board or another type of group – contribute greatly to success and satisfaction. And that various team issues can get in the way of it all. .

Without a doubt, the fact that all team members bring their own sets of experiences, perspectives, behavioral norms and communication styles can be an incredible asset. Yet, it can also be an challenge, especially if that team doesn’t appreciate and utilize its differences.

We help groups of all sizes integrate their strengths, overcome their challenges, and become more effective.

Our services include meaningful DISC and Communication Styles Assessments, as well as the customized facilitated discussions described above, which focus on specific team issues and objectives. We also provide a wide variety of leadership and communication trainings to help team members grow within the organization.

Our work doesn’t just build morale. It builds employee engagement, which builds organizational productivity and success.

Want a fun look at some potential and very common issues with teams? Check out our quick video, below.


“As you can tell, folks left VERY engaged and excited for the new year. It’s an amazing sign when, after the retreat (on a Saturday no less) I continued to receive texts, emails and calls from our board with offers to help, in addition to positive feedback and ideas.”
– Facilitation Client