Our Process

We don’t take your facilitated session lightly. We know that conversations can be delicate, and require carefully led discussions around issues that could feel personal. Which is why we believe external facilitation is so important.

And why we insist on doing it with excellence.

We believe the key to a successful session is thorough, careful planning toward specific objectives from the start…and flexibility during the discussion to make sure everyone at the table feels both heard and safe in expressing their opinions.

Deirdre sees her role as “the nicest bad cop you’ll ever meet”, and has facilitated sessions of all sizes, virtually and in-person, and within a wide variety of contexts and objectives. With each one she’s found that the equation of planning and flexibility is the key to success.

Deirdre begins by working with organizational leaders to clearly understand the session objectives, then carefully creates meeting agendas and guided processes that will lead to those objectives. All sessions include facilitated discussions about action items and next steps, ensuring that the work put into the day leads to true outcomes.

Partners are kept in the loop all along the way, including as check-ins during the session itself. When the session is complete, Deirdre creates a meaningful document to be used as a tool to guide future work and discussions.

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“You were focused, clear, helpful and kept us on track; you really are the nicest “bad cop” I ever met!”
– Facilitation Client