Our Philosophy

We have a very specific way of thinking about facilitation.

Though it may seem that meetings with a common end goal should be an easily energizing experience, the fact that diverse people with diverse perspectives – which are needed – are brought together to give their opinions and determine the best steps forward means that there will be disagreements.

It’s just that simple.

Whether during a planning session or when tackling team dynamics, we believe conflict itself is not a bad thing. It’s often uncomfortable, of course, but can also lead to innovative thinking and positive change.

It’s when the conflict is avoided or gets personal that things go poorly. Which is why we work so carefully to ensure this doesn’t happen.

We believe our role is to manage the session in a way that serves those at the table, honors everyone, and also moves the session along. We see our role as “the nicest bad cop you’ll ever meet”, which means we say what we see, but always with tact. We create processes that allow everyone to feel heard, but don’t let any one person take over. We ask the hard questions, and find people come through with thoughtful answers.

In the end, those answers turn to ideas and solutions…and future greatness.

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“Thank you again for doing yet another awesome job facilitating our board retreat! I always appreciate your friendly “good cop bad cop” no-nonsense approach to getting a very full agenda done in a productive way.”
– Facilitation Client