We know that group discussions are critical to the health and success or an organization. We also know they can get tricky.

That’s because they all involve bringing people – each with their own passions and perspectives – together to tackle an issue and find a common plan or solution. When it works well it results in new ideas and innovative thinking. When it doesn’t, it creates watered down strategies and hurt feelings.

What makes the difference? Excellent facilitation, which is where we come in. We facilitate sessions of all lengths, topics and audiences, both virtually and in person.

We take this work seriously, preparing and executing each facilitated discussion with exquisite care. We know it takes a thoughtful process to ensure the dialogue ends with a meaningful outcome for the organization and for those who work for it.

While we are happy to discuss any facilitation needs, we often work within three categories: strategic and business planning, solving tricky problems and team building.

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“I wanted to thank you again for your help at today’s retreat. It was evident that you had done considerable homework and honed in with remarkable precision on the issues, concerns and problems that were of greatest importance.  We are enormously grateful for your sage counsel.”
– Facilitation Client