Clarity Coaching

Feeling stuck?

  • Dealing with a creative block?
  • Trying to figure out your next step in life?
  • Frustrated because you keep hitting a wall at every turn?
  • Need to figure out just who you are, what you stand for…
  • …or what you want to tell others about yourself?

You need some clarity.

Got two hours? Clarity Coaching will help you get it.

Clarity Coaching is a one-time coaching session program that is all about getting you unstuck. By meeting with an objective ally, someone who is outside of that head of yours, someone who has the skills to ask the right questions, you’ll get to the bottom of a challenge that’s got you stuck. And that’s when you’ll discover how to solve it.

Deirdre is a skilled and experienced coach, someone who knows how to assess your situation quickly and help shed light on your best, brightest next step forward.

Deirdre is known for her brand of mild audacity. She’ll ask the hard questions, but she’ll do it nicely. And, when the time comes, she’ll give it to you straight about your stuck-ness.

Deirdre’s worked with all kinds of clarity-seekers, from executives in transition…to entrepreneurs trying to figure out their passions…to authors hoping to complete their books.  It’s your turn next.

Ready for some clarity? Contact Deirdre to set up your one-time session!

[quote]I came in feeling muddled and weary from thinking about how I wanted to talk about myself and my business to others. By the end of the session I felt new energy and clarity about what my message was and how I wanted to take it out into the world.” -Clarity Coaching Client[/quote]