The Mission Myth

How to Build Nonprofit Momentum Through Better Business

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The nonprofit sector is an outstanding, fulfilling…tricky, messy place. Deirdre knows this firsthand because she ran a nonprofit for seven years. She made lots of mistakes, and learned from each one.

This made her realize there’s hope. That’s it’s possible to not just do good, but to do good…well.

And so she wrote a book about how to do it: The Mission Myth.

This award-winning book describes the belief that nonprofits should put everything they have – their focus, their time, their money – into their missions to be successful.

Wrong. The truth? It is only when they integrate the 4 Ms – Management, Money, Marketing and Measurement – into their business that they achieve optimal results. And that mission? It can sometimes get in the way.

The book is divided up into four “M” sections and includes a number of stories, anecdotes and practical tips to help nonprofits achieve excellence and their leaders achieve a better night’s sleep.

This book is for current nonprofit leaders – and those who want to be one someday. It’s also for anyone who wants to advance the sector, including board members, volunteers, foundations, and donors.

The Mission Myth is available in paperback and as an e-book at, Barnes & and in the iBookstore.

Want to know more? Give a listen to this Butler on Business interview: Deirdre’s Radio interview


“The Mission Myth is worth its weight in gold because it will give you clarity, support, hope and direction. It was an investment in my career and sanity.”
– Mission Myth reviewer