Deirdre’s Books

When it comes to Deirdre, there’s one thing you can be sure about. She’ll tell it like it is.

Her books are no different.

Using her personal brand of mild audacity, Deirdre’s books combine provocative lessons, entertaining anecdotes and concrete tips about what it really takes to be a leader, achieve results and actually enjoy the ride.

Tough Truths is Deirdre’s powerful mini-book series, which gives readers the straight scoop on what it really takes to find true happiness and leadership success.  Provocative and refreshingly direct (no cliches here!), each of the two Tough Truths books features lessons that might make us a little uncomfortable at first. But, in the end, they’ll make us more successful and satisfied than we’ve ever been before.

Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/Life Bliss  debunks the idea that work/life balance is even possible. It then uses tips from those who are truly blissful, as well as interactive exercises, to get you squarely on your own path to bliss. For real.

Deirdre’s award-winning book, The Mission Myth, tells the story about Deirdre’s seven years running a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization.  She got the job at 28 years old, made a ton of mistakes right out of the gate, and spent the rest of the time figuring out how to transform the organization into an excellent, thriving business.  It’s a book designed to validate, inspire and motivate anyone in the nonprofit sector to do good…well.

Bogus Balance, Tough Truths, and The Mission MythTough Truths are available on, Barnes & and in the iBooks store.

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“LOVE your book.  It sure hit home on so many levels, especially all those times I thought it was just me and wondered if I had “a problem”.  I also very much like your writing style – it helped make the point and supported my understanding.  Plan on talking about it to many.”
– Tough Truths Reader